Team Training



The United States Basketball Academy was established in 1994, when founder Bruce O’Neil’s   dream was finally realized.  We want to create a training camp experience that is specifically designed to your Teams needs, aspirations and goals.  Located on 46 acres just 47 miles east from Eugene Oregon in the beautiful McKenzie River Valley, it is a premier location for your Team Training Camp and the development of your basketball goals. Our USBA Staff brings a diverse and vast basketball background experience allowing it to be an industry leader around the world.



A new offensive wrinkle, defensive concepts to explore and  player development are all areas we are excited to help you implement with your team.

  1. Provide to the USBA 2-3 full game DVDs for us to review and gain a better understanding of the style your team currently plays offensively and defensively.
  2. Through conversation and  with your direction we will provide you some options to consider taylored to fit your teams style and needs .
  3. Or, tell us specifically what you want to address, change or add and we will provide you with a practice plan and concept to accomplish this request.
  4. Just want to work on your current system?  The USBA will provide a Coach to assist your coaches in on court coaching, team discussion and help to evaluate the Teams overall level of execution.



  1. Once a determination has been made as to what you want to acomplish during your USBA Team Training Camp our USBA Coaches will begin to create a plan to fit your requests and teams need.
  2. We will not just present to you our suggestions but provide the USBA Coach that  will join your staff to help install a new offense or defensive scheme by being a part of your meetings and practices.
  3. Your USBA Coach will educate and teach your Coaches the principles in private coaching sessions and assist your coaches to teach players on the court from the fundamental principles of the scheme to situational in game adjustments.
  4. Your USBA Coach will be a part of your staff assisting you while you are here, teaching new concepts to players and staff.

A list of USBA Coaches will be supplied.  All USBA Coaches have many years of Coaching at the NBA  or top level NCAA Division I, II, or III .

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We can design with you a Training camp that will provide you with no distraction training at the USBA Facility integrated with an opportunity to go off site and play 2-3 games where you can continue to implement what you are working on in your practice sessions.

See Sample Schedule for more information.




A USBA Coach will hold daily skill development sessions to include some of these areas:

Big Man foot work and post play

Point guard play


Running and defending the Pick and Roll



Helping players to develop footwork, body position and movement on the court is another important aspect of each player’s development.  Teams will have the opportunity to schedule private team sessions with our USBA Movement coach or players can sign up and attend the camp group sessions.



  1. Bring your own chef!!  You can have your chef oversee the purchasing of food as well as preparing many of the dishes served at each meal.  Western style food can also be provided at each meal.


  1. We will bring in a chef that specializes in purchasing and preparing the food of your choice for each meal.  In addition western style food will also be served at each meal.


  1. We will provide the chef and create a menu with you that will have a combination of western style food, rice and or noodles as well as some dishes that are common in your area.


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