USBA Institute


The United States Basketball Academy was established in 1994, when founder Bruce O’Neil’s dream was finally realized. Located on 46 acres just 47 miles east from Eugene Oregon in the beautiful McKenzie River Valley, it is a premier location for the development of basketball and English language study. Our institute is designed for the athlete who wants to take their game and education to the next level. With the best coaches in the game and the top facility in the world, the USBA Institute offer players the chance to receive quality instruction in the optimal basketball environment.
Students are housed in one of our 5 spacious Executive Lodges and all meals are prepared in our state of the art kitchen and served hot daily.


The USBA Institute has given young talented athletes the opportunity to participate in a unique basketball and education program.  Participants have opportunity to work on individual player development, offensive and defensive team concepts; all while being exposed to Western style basketball in the USA. This coupled with learning English from a  very qualified bilingual speaking staff on the USBA campus gives you the opportunity of baing placed in top high schools around tee United States.

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An educational program for English, Toefl and SAT testing are provided at the USBA Institute and designed to prepare young players for eventual entry into USA high schools and prep schools. As we mentioned above, thousands of young European male and female players owe their high level development to the American teaching and competition system


The USBA, through a network of High Schools, Colleges and Universities across the USA. There are many school options to provide opportunities for young players wishing to continue their basketball and education in the USA. This is significant because in addition to top on court instruction, players will have quality competition verses top levels of American high school, college or university teams.


Our coaches at the institute are highly regarded and have coached at the highest levels in the NBA and NCAA Divisions I, II and III. Several of our coaches over the past 20 years have gone on to coach or consult for various teams in China and around the world.

Head Coach

Jay Humphries


The USBA Institute utilizes a high level basketball curriculum. The players who attend develop a mastery of basketball and movement skills that is more advanced than what the average player for their age receives. Players will be taught that they are training for performance, learning to be efficient with their movement and the mastery of these various skill sets.

Individual Player Development

Offense – inside out moves, outside shooting, finishing at the rim, passing, rebounding, ball handling and making others better on the court. Learning to play with pace with and without the ball.

Defense – how to defend an offensive player in a man to man situation against the offensive skills mentioned above.

Athletic movement – focusing on preparation, proper and efficient footwork as well as balance.

Strength training – based on body type and age.

All of these skills, whether for offense, defense or athletic movements are taught in various parts, leading to the whole skill.

Team Concepts

Team Offense will help players to understand the principles and concepts needed for a successful offense to function. Commonly used offenses and sets will be taught and how they are used against man or zone defenses. Understanding proper spacing and learning how to use pace are some of the additional items that will be taught.

Team Defense will start with teaching the principles and concepts in parts leading of team defense, disruptive pressure and zones. How to successfully conduct traps on the baseline or in the post, half court and full court presses.

Situational teaching – as an example offensively how to run the pick and roll from various places on the floor and defensively how to defend against this as it relates to where you are on the floor and your defensive set.

Scrimmages and Games

Teams from the Eugene, Portland and Bend Oregon area will be brought in for onsite scrimmages. In addition, off site games and tournaments will be scheduled in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada and Arizona.

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USBA INSTITUTE 2-Week Schedule

For a look at what players would typically be doing, please check out our Sample Two-Week Schedule.